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Have housing prices stopped falling?

Just read this post on the BondDad blog.  His take on recent data would suggest that the bottom of the market is behind us.  In fact the data he uses […]

It’s time for Good News/Bad News!

Yep, on the real estate front, it is Good News followed by bad news.   Sometimes even the Good News contains some bad news. For instance, CNN Money just reported that […]

Black Friday deals

I know most of you are just now recovering from Back to School and haven’t even geared up for Halloween yet (but the stores already have all the Halloween goodies […]

Buy in Glenwood

I’ve been saying it for years- real estate in the Glenwood/Piedmont Heights neighborhood is an excellent investment.  Some folks listened, some folks just didn’t.  Now UNCG is starting on its […]

Clark Howard gives you a pep talk.

Clark Howard, financial guru and all around genius if you ask me ( gives you a pep talk about the housing market.  Dirt cheap prices & interest rates at historic […]

6 good reasons to buy a home now

So AOL just published a great list of reasons to buy a home now.  These are good- among them:  Mortgage rates won’t go much lower.  So true.  As long as […]