catpump2Autumn has arrived, and with it so many things I love- leaves changing colors and falling; fall festivals, like the Greek Festival; Fairs, like the State Fair and the Dixie Classic Fair; my birthday, which should be a national holiday; and of course, Halloween, which I love.  My love of all things spooky goes back to childhood when I spent hours plotting out the best and most effective course through nearby neighborhoods to accumulate the highest percentage of candy.  And watching horror movies- I read books about old Universal and Hammer films as research.  In 6th grade I dressed up as Red Death from the Edgar Allen Poe story.  Seriously- I had my grandmother make me a death costume but in bright red and I wore a skull mask under the hood.  I was a bit of a horror nerd.  Of course no Halloween would be complete without a good soundtrack, and since I always do one in December for Christmas I figured it was high time I did one for All Hallows Eve.  So here is a list of 25 good tunes to play for a spooky good time- this list is pretty eclectic so there should be something for everyone on here.  And if you’re expecting Thriller or Monster Mash or something, well then you’ll need to look somewhere else cause that’s not how I roll.  There are some spooky Halloween songs and a few thrown in that just have spooky titles just for fun.  Feel free to share!

You can listen to the entire playlist on my YouTube Channel- Just Click Here!

And have a happy and safe Halloween!