A New Home for the Zombie Apocalypse!

A lot has been said about the coming  Zombie Apocalypse recently, especially since the media seems to have so many stories of people exhibiting zombie-like behavior lately, such as face eating, intestine throwing, brain eating, and random acts of cannibalism around the world.  Even the Center for Disease Control released a Zombie Preparedness blog post last year to help us plan and prepare for a zombie emergency.

Needless to say, in this zombie infested environment, you’ll need to be ready for all contingencies, and I am here to help.  Courtesy of Realtor.com I have a list of homes for sale to meet any and all needs in case an infection breaks out.  Need a walled castle but want modern convenience for waiting out the zombie outbreak?  I can get you one.  Need a well stocked, private island that’s off the grid with its own wind turbines and solar panels?  I can help you out there too.  How about an underground bunker?  I got you a former missile silo turned luxury home complete with 2000 pound blast doors that can withstand a nuclear attack.  Private airstrip included.

So remember- when you’re thinking of buying a compound to withstand a direct assault of walking dead, think no further than Michael Driver, your full service, and Fully Prepared, Realtor.   Don’t forget- if you buy your home through me, I will throw in a month’s worth of ammo.

Realtor.com’s full list of fortresses for staving off the Zombie Apocalypse