I’ve been using Movoto a lot recently to track the real estate numbers in the area.  It’s a fantastic free tool and honestly anyone can use it- not just us Realtors.  It aggregates data directly from the Multiple Listing Service so you can see a snapshot of the market in a particular city.  You can’t get specifics on a particular neighborhood (you still need me to do that!) but you can see a city’s numbers and that’s very handy.

What’s good to know is inventory is decreasing (and the amount of new listings is down) and the median price for homes in Greensboro is going up.  Of course, that price is still down from 2 years ago but that’s good news- it means that demand is increasing for homes in our area.  Average days on market is seasonal, so it’s increased since Summer but still less than it was one year ago.

So that’s good news.  Hopefully it will stay relatively warm this winter to keep the buyers out looking and maybe we will see an increase of active buyers come March when spring comes.

Click here to see the Market Snapshot of Greensboro.