My Ikea Kitchen

Ever since we bought our home we have hated the kitchen.  It was brown cabinets and forest green counter tops.  Yuck.  And the tile floor which we thought was so pretty had become a nightmare- every time we turned around another tile had cracked or broken and we were out of replacement tiles.  We had taken to pulling up tiles from under the stove or refrigerator to replace the cracked ones.  It was time for it to go.

We chose an Ikea kitchen- affordable and we could do it in sections.  We could see it in action at the store and we also saw a finished kitchen in a rental we have and really liked it.  We would have to start from scratch on one side of our kitchen as there were no cabinets there- just a stove and a fridge.  The other side we would have to remove and replace cabinets- Ikea allowed us to buy in sections, assemble and install as we had the cash on hand.  Worked out perfectly.  We installed an Ikea sink as well to make it easier to install the granite counters- just 2 slabs on that side.  With existing appliances even.

Here it is, just like Ikea instructions- mostly photos.  Feel free to ask questions and I will happily answer them.  I am kind of an expert now because I did all of the cabinet installation myself.  I even did a trashcan hack that I would be happy to explain in further detail.  You will also see some things only once even tho I did them more than once, such as the kickplates on the bottoms of the cabinets.

Anyway, enjoy!  I’m happy to answer any questions!