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Christmas 2016

Well another year has passed and it’s been a crazy one.  Honestly we’ve been so busy we have not had time to do much blogging this year.  But I did […]

State of the Neighborhood 2015!

Time to take a look at the Sunset Hills real estate numbers for 2015.  Once again we had a really busy year in our neighborhood- 35 sales in the last […]

Christmas 2015

It’s time again for our Annual List of Holiday Tunes for your listening enjoyment.  This is our Fourth list of great tunes- 2014’s list can be found HERE, 2013’s is […]

Woods of Terror Giveaway!

Giveaway is over.  Tickets are gone.  Thanks for playing! Win Two Tickets to Woods of Terror! These are passes for the Terror In The Dark, when they turn off the […]

Songs for Halloween 2015!

Time again for your Halloween playlist- some spooky, some fun.  Just in time for your All Hallow’s Eve Celebration!  Par this one with last year’s list for an even longer […]

How to Build a Treehouse Phase 6- details details details

So we have the structure in place and the roof is on.  Everything seems to be doing what it is supposed to do- walls still standing, trees not falling over, […]

Back to School Calendars

It’s that time again- time for the kids to head back to school, much to their chagrin.  Since we are already planning what to do during fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas […]

Sunset Hills 2014

Time again for the State of the Neighborhood! Every year I post the statistics for sales of homes in our lovely neighborhood, as you know.  I have run the numbers […]

Soundtrack to Christmas 2014!

It’s that time again- time for the official Soundtrack to the holidays!  This year’s list is chock full of awesome and has a little something for everyone- even a little […]