What’s Cool About Greensboro? Why, Eclectic By Nature of course.

Eclectic By Nature is a locally owned shop for all kinds of cool stuff such as crystals, essential oils, t-shirts, books, jewelry, natural soaps and so much more.  Opened in […]

A New Home for the Zombie Apocalypse!

A lot has been said about the coming  Zombie Apocalypse recently, especially since the media seems to have so many stories of people exhibiting zombie-like behavior lately, such as face […]

Another Cool Thing about Greensboro- The Green Bean

Another cool thing about Greensboro- The Green Bean.  I have consumed many a cup of coffee and bottle of beer there.  It’s a cool place.

Derelict? Greensboro?

A reporter for the New York Post “newspaper” recently referred to Greensboro as “Derelict” when reporting on the John Edwards trial. This is my response.

2421 Camden Road

Beautiful Sunset Hills- come walk the tree lined sidewalks on your way to parks, the Corner restaurants & Bestway.  Sit on the porch & say hi to the neighbors!  None […]

I have a secret…

This listing is going on the market next week.  If you or someone you know would be interested in this Sunset Hills home, let me know and I can get […]

I am not sure what to call this post…

Stuff You Should NEVER Do As a Homeowner? Weird stuff I find while looking at homes? Interesting Home Inspections? Adventures in Real Estate? Whatever the title, here’s what happened. During […]

Foreclosures down in November

According to data released from Realtytrac.com, a foreclosure search website, there were 2710 foreclosure filings in North Carolina in November, down 34% from last year.  This continues a downward trend, […]

6 good reasons to buy a home now

So AOL just published a great list of reasons to buy a home now.  These are good- among them:  Mortgage rates won’t go much lower.  So true.  As long as […]